Wednesday, August 31, 2016

D.Va Meka Refueling!

So, I decided to flip D.Va around again so she is facing left.  It just looked less lopsided. I've been adding more detail afterwards.  There may be some indication of her drinking something that may resemble certain drinks and foods, that is, without me specifying it...this is a parody of D.Va, after all. 

Progress 1

Progress 2

Progress 2 Close Up

As you can see, she is drinking "Mom Dad" soda and some triangular chips... and err... "Red Dragon" ramen. Cornerstone of every gamer's arsenal. 

I may turn this into a poster or a T-shirt. I may add couple more snacks in there and few more details, but this has turned out relatively as I expected.  I will probably add some lettering behind the image as well. Maybe it'll say "Meka Refueling!" 

Chipping away on D.Va fan art.

So, I'm continuing to chip away at this fan art.I started off more exaggerated, but I decided to go with something more proportional. Japanese comic style is generally more angular and except in cases of wild exaggeration, they tend to be somewhat laid out evenly. Essentially, I wanted to make sure it looks fine when seen from a distance.



The shading still needs to be added, but here, I've begun to add the Dorritos bag and the Mountain Dew.  It should look much better after shadows and details.  So here it is so far.  The Mech below is just placed there for me to gauge the size of the character.

version 2

Monday, August 29, 2016

Gathering references for D.Va, the character.

So I'm continuing on my fan art of D.Va. I got the mech all ready... now I have to make D.Va herself. Not as easy as it sounds. The facial expressions isn't quite there...but I'm chipping away.  With that said, here are the references of D.Va I'm working off of.


Overwatch's original design.

Gremlin D.Va Fan Art from the fan community:

Food Reference:

Overwatch's Upcoming Emote Animation:

Even Overwatch creators have been inspired by the Mtn. Dew-chugging D.Va Gremlin fan art

My Work in Concept and Reiterations:

My three reiterations for D.Va on top of Mech.  I've tried different 
poses and I've decided the third version is the most satisfactory.

3rd Re-Iteration

Using my Illustrator with references. My Mech I made is shown on left.

Slowly filling in the colors and such in Illustrator... Eyes aren't quite there.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

D.Va One, Bad Guys Zero! My Fan Art for Overwatch!

I've been playing Blizzard's Overwatch A LOT lately.  D.Va is my go-to hero. Junkrat and Torbjorn are also common on my list.  I play Soldier if I have to, but my winning streaks aren't as consistent compared to my first three.  I play Reinhardt too, but most of the time, I have the shield up, which isn't as fun. I like playing Mercy, but only if the other players could do well without my D.Va.

I've been trying forever to the get the Korea skin for D.Va's Mech during the Summer Games period, but never got it.  So, I settled on a lengendary Junebug skin since my credits have accumulated.

The new castle level in the test mode of the game is pretty interesting.  I made a video of it while I was playing using their new "streaming mode."  It only streams to facebook, however.

A video of my play at the new castle level on the test mode can be found here:

I've been meaning to create a fan art for Overwatch, and I'm creating a D.Va Gremlin fanart in Illustrator.  I just got the mech down so far. Here it is:

"D.Va Gremlin" is this current meme that has been going on around so far. This meme often shows D.Va, the gamer of the heroes, munching on Dorritos and Mountain Dew.  So, I'll most likely put D.Va on top of this mech, munching on Dorritos and drinking Mountain Dew.  Perhaps it could be a T-shirt.

The following is my preliminary sketch before  moved it into Illustrator.  I may change the pose.