Thursday, June 20, 2019

New baby, gardening, and schedules

Looking back, I'm realizing I haven't written for a while.  Still, I've been busy.  I recently had a new arrival--our baby Luke. Also been doing some Zbrush.  Also been growing some herbs in our backyard.  That's kind of fun.  I still do my sketch journal when I find time during lunch hour at work.

My baby Luke has given me a new sleep schedule.  He's kind of colicky.  He's a gassy kid.  So cute, though.  As a result, I do tend to be tired at work.  It's not so bad, though.  My wife sleeps a little early in the evening so we can switch sleep schedules around midnight.  My mother-in-law from Korea has been a great help with all the wonderful food.  She and her husband has a farm in Korea, so her food is very home-style Korean food.

I've been growing mint a lot in my backyard.  That's kind of fun.  I'm looking to turn my small patch of grass into a mini-minty forest. Also started to plant some cucumber, strawberry, and tomato plants. Also some cabbages.  And spinach.  Admittedly, my mother-in-law has been doing a lot of it as she has much knowledge in this field.  "Field" in both senses of the word.

Here are some more sketches from my sketchbook journal.  I'll need to do more of these... or at least post these more.

Yeah, who doesn't like Marie Kondo, eh?  Been listening a bit of one of her audiobooks.