Monday, August 29, 2016

Gathering references for D.Va, the character.

So I'm continuing on my fan art of D.Va. I got the mech all ready... now I have to make D.Va herself. Not as easy as it sounds. The facial expressions isn't quite there...but I'm chipping away.  With that said, here are the references of D.Va I'm working off of.


Overwatch's original design.

Gremlin D.Va Fan Art from the fan community:

Food Reference:

Overwatch's Upcoming Emote Animation:

Even Overwatch creators have been inspired by the Mtn. Dew-chugging D.Va Gremlin fan art

My Work in Concept and Reiterations:

My three reiterations for D.Va on top of Mech.  I've tried different 
poses and I've decided the third version is the most satisfactory.

3rd Re-Iteration

Using my Illustrator with references. My Mech I made is shown on left.

Slowly filling in the colors and such in Illustrator... Eyes aren't quite there.

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