Monday, December 12, 2011

The contents of my Sketchbook...really really fast (or at least half a minute)

So, I have a sketch book I carry around everywhere.  In the last couple of years, I had been attempting to draw something every day.  In one way, it was a way for me improve my drawing.  Secondly, it was a way for me to see if there was a certain pattern to my drawing habits...and more particularly, to see if I drew better on certain days, within certain situations, environments, and events.  At the moment, I'm still observing data and figuring out a logical conclusion. Meanwhile, here are the contents of two of my 30 seconds each!

This one's for all my friends who asked me to publish my stuff online... Scanning them all would take quite a bit of time, so I created a video!

My 2011 Sketchbook: Jan 8th till May 16th

My 2011 Sketchbook: May 16th till September 26.