Thursday, November 15, 2018

Here are my Drawings for Inktober 2018

So, I finally figured out how to get my camera on my iPhone working again. As it turned out, the internal camera lens connection was a little loose (or something to that effect).  It started to work again after I pressed down on it for a bit.  I was about to consider paying to get it fixed, but that appears to no longer be a necessity.  

Thus, I've been taking photos of my sketch journal entries and posting on Instagram.  My Instagram is under the name d_art_98, if anyone is curious. Since my camera is working again, I've started to post pictures on Instagram once again. 

What did I feel the need to take photos of?  My 31-day Inktober drawings from last month, of course.  Based on 31 topics, artists were encouraged to draw something based on the word of the day.  Draw something related to that word....per day.  I took on the challenge last year, so I also did it this year.  Despite the effort, I hadn't been able to post what I drew until now since my camera wasn't working at the time.  Well, since it is working. here are my Inktober drawings!

Wished I had been able to post this near early November, but hey!

My prompts:

My drawings:

Overall, nice to get my camera working again.  This will give me more opportunities to post things like this on my blog.  It is getting late.  Until the great Stan Lee would say (you'll be missed)....