Thursday, December 12, 2013

Red Engine Character Design

Recently, I took a character design course at Red Engine Studios.  My Final was an action scene I was supposed to create based on my conception of my take on 'Starship Troopers.'   Here are generally all the art I did.

Creature Thumbnail Concepts

Creature Concept

 Arachnid Drone/Soldier

Arachnid Airship and 'Floaters'

Arachnid 'Centaurs'

Human Soldier Concept:

Dietrich Ramos, Hero

Human Trooper

 'The Exterminator' Mech

 Action Scene Thumbails:

Action Scene Rough:

Action Scene Final:

Backstory I made for the Concept Art:

Human Hero: Dietrich Ramos
Birth: July 5, 2055
He was born in the industrial city Brasilia on planet Eudora 2 to a Federation diplomat father and a History teacher mother. He has an older brother Kyle who ran off without a word once Kyle turned 18.  Dietrich went to University of Moscow on planet Earth to study History for a year until the major Arachnid invasion of 2075 on Eudora 2.  His parents, along with many refugees, fled to Washington on planet Earth.  He found out that his long-lost brother had enlisted in the Federation Mobile Infantry and has been declared MIA.  Dietrich himself soon enlisted for the Federation Mobile Infantry (partly to find his brother), and through a Field Commander’s commendation for his skill and tactical knowledge, was transferred for Special Ops, working close with Military Intelligence.  His first major mission as Special Ops involved gathering intelligence before coordinating the attack to cut off the supply routes of Arachnid invaders during the Arachnid invasion on Eudora 2.  

Bad guy / Aliens:
Archanids are a mystery. These giant, ant-like creatures move in swarms from place to place.  Although they can’t physically move in space, they can survive there—they automatically go into hibernation, however, when they do.  They move from planet to planet via an organic, gigantic hard-shell “spaceship” that are made of alien parts and plant-life, but not “programmed” in an intelligent sense.  They are akin to moving, floating bee-hives that move through space and planets—these contain pockets of helium, oxygen, and other breathable gases.  These ships do not have afterburners but have the ability to manipulate surrounding gravitation forces from planets, moons, and suns.   The ship’s internally heated air sacks allow these structures to float where there is atmospheric pressure and gravity.

These arachnids come in three forms.  First kinds are the drone spider-like “soldiers” that are attracted to shedding of blood and pheromones that are released from each other when they are in attack mode.  In essence, they attack in swarms.   The second kind walk upright with four legs  and has two arms—they are often referred to as “centaurs” by humanfolk.  The third kind looks akin to a balloon (called 'Floaters') with tentacles on the bottom, much like a floating jellyfish.   These have the ability to control the drones via some sort of invisible communication, some speculate, through high-pitched sound waves. 


Loved the class!  Special thanks to teachers Dan Luvisi and Justin Fields for their excellent course!