Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Inktober 2019

Every year I draw for the Inktober challenge.  Truthfully, I do it because it gives me a sense of accomplishment.  For 31 days, the challenge is to draw an image every day based on a given word.  So, here's are my Inktober drawings for 2019!  After each image, I'll talk about it...or give a quote...or make a pun.

One ring to rule them all.. I do wear a ring, but not this one.
Ruby rings are kind of gaudy these days.. but fun to draw.

Sometimes you have your mind.
"I Wanna Know" by Information Society was a good song.
A pure late 80's song. About showing what's on your mind.

Bait. Can also mean to annoy or taunt. It reminds me of the
time I went fishing on Big Bear Lake with my brothers and
my dad. We used marshmallows to try to catch trout, so it
didn't look anything like this. But in our fish box, we did
have baits like this that we rarely ever used.

Stay cool. Try to be an ice guy.

We built this city on rock and roll. That's another very 80's
musical lyric line by Starship. When I think Starship,
I either think of Enterprise or the film "Mannequin."

He's not fat. He's just a little husky.

"Enchanted" is one of those rare films you go for the
ride despite its cheesy premise because of the acting
and humor. Amy Adams really sold this film. 

I suppose age will eventually all make us "frail."  Still,
wisdom can be a good counterbalance if you use it.

When I think of swing dancing, I often think of
the movie "Swingers" or Louis Prima. 

I remember when "Silence of the Lambs" won Best Picture.
Still rather surprised about that one.

"Your mama was a slow blower!" -- Short Circuit

Chinese dragons are always so decorative. They are more
interesting to draw if you like colors.  With that said,
when I hear "dragons", I usually think back to
the old "Dragonlance" novels I used to read around
my teens. I still keep some of those novels around.


When I think "pig", I often think about the book "Charlotte's Web"
and the scratchy style of art within, which, frankly, made the
book a worthy read. The story is okay, but the art by Garth
Williams still influences me to this day.

When I think about myths and legends, I think of
Ray Harryhausen and his stop-motion monster movies
of Greek mythology. One of those films was
"Jason and the Argonauts" which had a giant
statue of Talos going after Jason's ship. A
very memorable scene. Freaked me out as a kid.

I was born on the Year of the Tiger, which basically made
me love tigers even more. I did many book reports on tigers
when I was in elementary school.  Also, the only real reason
I liked Calvin and Hobbes. Hobbes was cool.

Christmas ornaments. It's the type of thing that remind
you the most about your childhood.  I usually think about
the little wooden mice ornaments with wire glasses.

Punk rockers were considered misfits back in the day. They
are considered somewhat mainstream now.  When I think
"misfits", though, I'm mostly reminded of "The Misfits"
from "Jem and the Holograms."  I didn't really watch the
cartoon, but the title music was neat.

Sling shots. Not sure if these are considered legal
these days or not. They're still rather kind of dangerous.
Then again, there are worse kinds of projectiles out there.

Tanks a lot.

Rubies are nice to look at. Fun to draw too.

Ghosts tend to look a certain way.  The pale, sunken eyes thing.
Their fashion hasn't changed in a while.  I guess that's
why they're ghosts.

Back in the day of BASIC programming, I remember when
I was reading FAMILY COMPUTING magazine, I typed up an
entire game called "Hammurabi" in BASIC as shown there.  It was
a text-based ancient ruler simulator where you had to
make sure your people were fed and rats didn't eat your grain.
Fun times. 

An Alfred Hitchcock classic. I'm not sure I think of this film as
highly as Rear Window, but it had an oppressive atmosphere if 
there ever was one in a film.

I never had these types of donuts. I hear they will be available
soon at the Grand Central Market.

Darth Vader.  He makes dark cool.  I got his mask for
Halloween.  I have a son named Luke, after all.

"Blade Runner" made coats cool again.  It's not a thing
these days.  I suppose nowadays it makes you look
stuffy or suspicious. 

Old school motorcycles have that nice wear-and-tear
look. The type that are ridden in lonely, dusty road trips.
My favorite road movie?  Probably "Ferris
Bueller's Day Off" if it could be considered one.
No motorcycles there, however.

Injuries come and go. One must be careful.

Catch a ball or catch a cold.  You can have one or the
other...or you can have both.  You just catch it

I like bananas and all, but they always attract
fruit flies in your house after a while. They are
great for cereal and yogurt.

Well, that's Inktober for this year! See you next year, Inktober! 

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