Tuesday, October 18, 2016

LA Plein Air Festival Exhibit, Artwalk, and Man vs. Snake

The LA Plein Air Exhibit was last Thursday, during LA Artwalk. LA is pretty happening during this time. I didn't get to look at all the Artwalk happenings there, but I did stop by the Plein Air Exhibit to check out the exhibit, and to pick up my paintings after it was over.

My paintings are now hanging on my wall at my apartment.  The exhibit was pretty fun. They don't give out free wine at the Artwalk in downtown LA, I noticed, compared to the ones in OC.  Perhaps it could be because there is more of a homeless issue here and maybe they want to avoid public drunkenness.

Well, here are some photos from the exhibit:

My paintings are the two small ones on the bottom

My painting is the middle bottom one.


I recently just got my Blu-Ray player on Amazon and it's now plugged in to my TV.  I don't technically have a smart tv, but my Blu-Ray player has the internet capability, which pretty much means I can more freely watch Netflix on TV instead of transferring from my computer monitor.

I watched some good movies on Netflix recently. One of the recent one was a documentary called "Man vs. Snake", which like "King of Kong", was about an 80's video game competitive player who reached the highest score ever...for a time.  This was about a guy who reached 8 billion points on a game called "Nibbler", which is a snake game where you play as a snake that gets longer as you feed yourself through a maze without hitting your own tail.  It takes approximately 72 hours to reach a billion points, so the player in this case would go through some serious mental and physical stress trying to stay awake and not go to the bathroom too much.  Pretty intense.  As I told my coworkers, this film is both "sad and funny."  I found it rather inspiring. There are probably many things, like entertainment, some may categorize as "wasting your time."  However, entertainment is art...and art is communication.  People connect through them.  Relationships are built around them.  Relationships are what's important, but these outlets are what allows that to flourish.

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