Saturday, June 18, 2016

Woohoo! My Loot Crate just arrived!

My Loot Crate just arrived today.  This is my first Loot Crate ever.  Heard about it from my coworker who gets her wacky T-shirts from through here, so. All my coworkers wear wacky and/or retro T-shirts.  Time for me to follow suit.  

Actually, I'm not very big into collecting things...I like making things and putting them up, but not a big collector. With that said, collecting things make for good reference material for good art.

But....I got this one Loot Crate because this month's theme was "Dystopia" and I just happened to be a fan of Fallout, Robocop, Bioshock, and Terminator.  Four good reasons.  (I got $3 off for using the codeword "THISISRAD" which I heard about because I occasionally listen to the "This Is Rad" podcast.)

Given that one of my favorite movies ever is the 80s Robocop, the T-shirt in here was pretty cool.

The Loot Crate


The Loot Crate contains a metal plate of Terminator, a Loot Pin, a Bioshock
key, Fallout Vinyl collectible toy, 300-piece Matrix puzzle, Robocop T-shirt,
A little Loot Crate magazine/newsletter, and a membership card  

Love this T-shirt.  My favorite on this crate.

This FALLOUT figure from Dorbz is cool, too.  

All this Loot Crate talk makes me want to play Overwatch, which I've been playing online with coworkers.  They have a loot crate in that game as well.  A virtual one.  Not quite the same.

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