Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pasadena Chalk Festival 2016!

So in the Sunday afternoon, I checked out the Pasadena Chalk Festival 2016.  First I've ever been to.  Pretty sweet.  Lots of interesting work, and tons of fan art.  It was 106° F in Pasadena, however, so it was super duper hot. It's interesting because last week was the Pasadena Music Festival, and the weather was cloudy and a bit rainy.  Things would've been very different if it did rain today.  Sort of like what happened in Mary Poppins when rain messed up Burt's chalk drawings. 

I try to attend a lot of these artsy events, mostly to inspire me.  After all, I do live in Pasadena, which has a lot of art-related events and places.  Gotta make the most of it.  This time, I took the train to get to the festival mostly so I wouldn't have to worry about parking. The Metro station was almost a mile away from my apartment, so I walked over there.  Next time I'll park my car there instead--it was way too hot to be walking in the street. 

As usual, I took my sketchbook with me, but I mostly sketched while waiting for the train and not during the festival.  I generally don't tend to draw a drawing of someone else's drawing. 

With that said, here are some photos of the artworks I saw at the event:

It's like a requirement to have Deadpool somewhere these days.

One of the more noticeably 3-D drawings.

Royalty. Get it? Get it? Har har.

Adam, I don't think we survived that crash...

Ah, an Overwatch fan

But, no Porky? 

Ah, this was a fun flick

Something a bit more old school. Nice!

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