Sunday, April 10, 2016

Xenomorphin Time....and crossovers.

Slowly, but surely, still making some slow progress on my Xenomorph. Been playing the Alien documentary in the background as I sculpt away. Been trying several different techniques, but the usual familiar freehand style seems more fun to do. 

W.I.P. #4

And, of course, if you do stuff I do, you have to look around for some references to your material. I enjoy research, and I admit researching is one of the little joys of making art. Now, research doesn't have to involve reading, looking at pictures, or sitting around.  Oftentimes, the best kinds are traveling, hanging out with friends, eating funky food, and taking long walks while researching within your own mindscape.  

With that said, here are some fun Xenomorph crossovers I've bumped into..

Iron man + Xenomorph crossover

Chibi Xenomorph

Hey, I'm fan of nostalgia...

...and Spy vs. Spy

But, of course, this one will always be my favorite...

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