Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hiiiisssssssssss... Xenomorphs got nothing on these guys! W.I.P.

So my Xenomorph in Zbrush is making progress.  I'm adding details and putting in the teeth.  Xenomorph is helped quite a bit by teeth. Almost human-like teeth, which makes them creepier. 

WIP #2
Started adding teeth....

WIP #3
Adding more details...and an inner jaw....

Ah. Inner jaw... that's one way to creep out your date.

When I was a kid, I used to think a creature having a second jaw inside an outer jaw was silly... that is, until I saw...

Yep. Muray Eels... They have a Pharyngeal Jaw. Jaw within a jaw.  They are the only animals known to use these pharyngeal jaws to capture prey... other than Xenomorphs, of course.

And, what about Chestbusters? Creatures laying eggs inside you until it bursts out of your chest?

Parasitic wasps. Freaks me the heck out. I don't even want to bother explaining it. Here's a Wired article on it.

Game over, man.  Xenomorphs got nothing on parasitic wasps.

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