Monday, April 4, 2016

April 26th is Alien Day...supposedly.

Supposedly, 20th Century Fox wants to make April 26th the 'Alien Day'  Alien as in Xenomorph...(More info on ).  It rather annoys me when film studios try to make a "special day" for their film and expect fans to get into it, especially since the last few films left such a bad taste in our mouths regarding the franchise.

I certainly don't mind when fans create the days, though.  For example making May 4th 'Star Wars Day'--it's done by the fans and it's kind of clever ("May the Fourth be with you...").

With that said, I still thought it'd be a good time to try sculpting the Xenomorph from the film.  I do like H.R. Giger's designs.  A nice challenge for myself, too--something to make on Zbrush and using April 26th as a deadline.

Here's my work-in-progress so far:

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