Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Teas, Wines, and Day 403 of Daily Sketch Challenge

Day 403 of Daily Drawing Challenge

I drew this for a Daily Drawing Challenge on Facebook.  People just sharing their drawings based on a photo. This is Day 403 of the Challenge.  I drew this on my sketchbook using watercolor and red wine. Red wine was 2014 Green Fin Cabernet Sauvignon from Trader Joes.  Pretty good.  Very fruity for a Cabernet.  Quite tasty.  Should be good with any kind of light foods.  Perhaps not with a thick steak, though.  I tend to go for a deeper, somewhat more bitter Cab to go with heavier foods.

I have this whole week off...which is generally after New Years. Pretty sweet! So much time that I don't know how to best use.  I walk longer in the mornings now, while listening to podcasts.  I went bowling yesterday with a Meetup group.  Also, finished up some freelance drawings.

I've been drinking a lot of teas lately.  Different varieties. A recent tea I got into is Honeybush Tea, which is similar to Rooibos, but sweeter. I got a Rooibos and Honeybush Tea from Trader Joes, which went for under $3 for 20 tea bags.
2014 Green Fin Cabernet Sauvignon

Tea Bewing Mug and Wine Preserver

Got more into teas..
I recently got a super cool Tea Collection (10 different teas in a glass tube) from a White Elephant Gift Exchange. I could never find where they sold this. Looking up the UPC Barcode or looking up the name on the web got me no results.  I been trying a different tea a day.  They're all quite different and flavorful.  I like the Caramel Rooibos and Darjeeling.  Since they're loose-leaf teas, I needed a tea infuser. From Target, I got a Primula Tea Brewing Ceramic Mug With Infuser for a little under $9 (cut price). A nice little thing to have if you have loose-leaf teas and not part of a tea party.

Since I also have some wine, I got a Houdini Deluxe Wine Preserver at Target for around $9.  The air pump keeps with wine fresh as you pump out the air after you have opened the bottle.

I could never find this tea collection (top left).  Primula Tea Brewing Mug (lower right)
Houdini Wine Preserver (lower) include an air pump with two rubber stoppers

Added a Pothos houseplant to my apartment and
cilantro to my herb garden.  It's a little more green.

I drew this when I went to see Star Wars with a friend in Alhambra.
This is a view from Izakaya Akatora restaurant in Alhambra, CA
Overall, the week has been going fine.  I may plan a trip with some friends this week to make the most of my one week vacation.  Admittedly, just a bit of R & R with teas, wines, and art is not a bad idea either.

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