Sunday, November 6, 2011

So, I decided to start a blog here.

I have like three blogs.  An old one on Xanga, which I haven't updated in a while, another one I used for my personal website, and this one.  Given that is much easier to manage, I'll probably just use this one for my updates... and this will probably replace my personal one. Since I also have a account, I probably should make use of that too.  Generally, it's perhaps best for me to use these kinds of sites as I won't have to use HTML as much.  Quickie updates are good.  Here's an image I did a while ago.  Mr.T motivates me.

Comikaze 2011 at LA Convention Center.

Most recently, just this past weekend, I checked out Comikaze, a comic convention in LA.  Much cheaper than San Diego Comic Con.  $12 per day.  Sweet deal.  I got in for free because I happened to have an industry pass.  I write for on the side, which helped me get in, provided I wrote something about the event beforehand.  Here's my article.

Zbrush class at Gnomon School of Special Effects.

So, I'm taking a class at Gnomon School of Special Effects in LA.  This was a creature I made for the previous class I took.  Currently, I'm taking a Character Zbrush class.  I'll start posting my work from the class as time permits.

Publishing my Ecomic on the Nook!

Another thing I recently got into is looking at the potential of Ebook publishing.  So, I published my first epub book for the Nook.  Ecomic, in fact.  It's called Out of Order.  Check it out! It's only a dolla!

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