Inktober 2023 Part 2: More images!

 So, continuing on on this blog with more Inktober images!  Sometimes images say more than words... Admittedly, I'm a man of few words....okay, mostly when it comes to speaking. Usually talking too much means I'll spend less time drawing or thinking about things... or more importantly, just relaxing.

The image above is a map from one of my favorite old-time Point and Click Lucasarts games--Monkey Island.  Such a classic.  I miss them games..

There are some similarities in theme and style when looking at the above image and the next.  One is from He-Man.  The other is from Conan the Barbarian.  He-Man was made to capitalize on the popularity of Conan.  It's pretty interesting--Conan speaks to a wild, adventurous aspect of the male psyche.  Conan lives in a very dangerous, cruel world, but he is able to traverse through it and get stronger.  It's little wonder it appeals to many boys as they grow older.  I've watched Conan the Barbarian again recently.  I kind of appreciate more the mythical and almost literary aspects of it now.

Frosted Flakes have been around like forever. I probably liked it mostly because it had a tiger on it (my favorite animal) and he was a cartoon.  Was there anything else to this character, though?  Not really.  His personality was kind of like the "tough big brother" type who will maybe beat up your bullies or something.  He also knows how to ski like those guys in Juicy Fruit commercials.  Did they, like, hire the same advertisement company?

More images to go, but I'll continue on those on the next blog entry...part 3!  Halloween is right around the corner.  It's a pity Inktober happens only once a year!