Inktober 2022: Day 11-20 (PART 2)

And so, I'm continuing on this journey of Inktober! I've already reached Day 20, so here are my next 10 days that I am posting.  So here goes...

1984 Olympics have always reminded me of the John Williams score and the mascot, Sam the Eagle, not related to the blue guy from The Muppet Show.  Back when I was in elementary school, Sam was everywhere.  He had a pretty cool design, and admittedly felt very Disney-ish.  He had a certain Mickey Mouse-like look to him.

Memento remains Christopher Nolan's best film in my opinion.  It really attempted to be something conceptually unique and succeeded.  It used a clever technique to get you into the mind of the character, while telling a mystery story.  The film's backward chronology of events isn't unlike the South Korean film Peppermint Candy (1999), which is also worth checking out.

Koko the gorilla was probably the most recognizable gorilla when I was growing up. She had a pet kitten.  My elementary school library had a huge poster of them.

Coke can be empty.  This one is just that.

A armadillo can contract leprosy.  It was also the name of an online comic I used to draw.

I'm told wild, non-domestic chickens are called the red junglefowl.  They're pretty cool-looking.

Sometimes you need a margarita.  With salt.

Peeling an apple.  One of life's lessons.  I'm okay, but not particularly great at it.

Kim Wexler from Better Call Saul is probably the best written and acted TV characters out there.

"Give this man his money."  Rounders (1998), one of the best if not the best poker film ever.  John Malkovich as Teddy KGB and his Oreo cookies have become iconic.

That's it for now!  My next group of Inktober images will be after Halloween, that is, after day 31.  It should be interesting...