Friday, November 30, 2012

A Review of a comic I did two years ago? Nice! XD

So, couple years ago, I did a comic with Visionary Comics.  I haven't had heard anything about it for a while.  Just today, I found out someone had written a review on it!  True, it wasn't a sparkling review, and I actually agree that the story needed some work (yeah, I had mostly focused on the action because it's just so fun to draw than focusing on dialogue), but the dude loved my art!  Sweeeet! 

Well, anyways, you can read the review for yourself.  It actually felt pretty good to know someone out there actually saw my work.  Heh.  We know comics aren't particularly as big as it used to be--it's great to know someone reads them.

You can read the review for yourself!

Now, I kind of feel I should draw another issue... perhaps something with more characterization and story....a bit more romance?

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